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Wellness By Design

Wellness by design is an integrative / holistic medical clinic that specializes in partnering with you to help you achieve optimal health. Our approach is an integrative one that blends the best of modern medicine along with time-proven natural remedies. We treat the whole person and address the underlying cause of disease instead of putting band aids over symptoms. As such, our focus is on lifestyle, nutrition, stress reduction and exercise to promote whole body wellness as a way to prevent disease and create vibrant sustainable health.


I can’t live without it. The hormone replacement gives me energy, I sleep better, I have no hot flashes or mood swings, and my sex drive is like it was when I was 30. The entire staff takes great care of me each time I go. Ladies, treat yourself to something that makes you feel incredible again. With the Hormone Pellets, my husband and I have a totally new level of sexual vitality. We actually have our marriage back! Thanks Wellness by Design and my husband thanks you too.


Wellness by Design has given me hope when other doctors gave up on me. Everyone on staff is very friendly and the atmosphere in the building is positive, healing, and soothing. There are treatments offered here that other places don’t have, and they work. I am now the healthy energy filled person I always wanted to be. Thank you Wellness By Design.


I am really pleased with the fact that Dr. Connie and her staff give you their ongoing support through the programs they have to offer. It is clear that they want to help me succeed, and that makes all the difference


Before coming to Wellness by Design I was experiencing severe depression, anxiety attacks, low energy level and my zest for life was non existent. Thank goodness I heard about Wellness by Design! It has changed my quality of life. The depression has lifted, and I’m back to enjoying life as I once knew it. The hormone therapy has given my husband and I our marriage back. We now enjoy a new sexual vitality. Thank you WBD!


I am amazed that a place like this exists. Wellness By Design is by far the absolute best. I was searching for an alternative route for treating numerous health issues and I have found what I believe to be the best place in the SouthEast. They offer more services than any other alternative/integrative practice that I have ever found. I was tired of being given prescriptions for symptoms and not treatments for a cure. As an added bonus, the staff, Dr. Connie and Randy, are wonderful to work with. When you’re here it’s like being with family. You’re treated like a person, not a patient.


Ladies! Do yourselves (and your significant other's) a favor and have a hormone lab done! It was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself. I didn't expect to have such an imbalance, but thanks to Wellness by Design I don't anymore. You will look and feel better with their help, for sure.


Wellness By Design is truly the place in the southeast for the path to total body wellness. Thank you WBD!


I have been nothing short of astounded after having your Vaginal Rejuvenation shot. Five kids really took a toll on my body. Now my urinary incontinence is gone! The additional benefits are so welcome-especially by my husband!


Thank you Wellness By Design for basically saving my life by freeing my from my addiction to opioids. It all came about so innocently after a back surgery. I truly feel alive again!


Dr. Connie does a wide variety of testing to make sure that your hormone levels, vitamins, minerals, etc. are all where they need to be. It is a very thorough process and I couldn't be more pleased with the amount of one on one attention 1 have received compared to previous medical practices. I will definitely be continuing with Wellness by Design for all of my medical concerns!

Wellness by Design Patient

My kids got their mom back and my husband got his wife back. Best investment I've made in myself and in my family.


I’m really happy that the doctor and staff take their time to educate me through the program. I feel like I have more successful at losing the weight because of that.


It's tough getting older and accepting FEELING older too. Thanks to Dr. Connie my husband I don't have to accept it. our sex life has improved, we have both lost weight, and we really feel like we are getting our life back again.


I go to Wellness by Design for the testosterone pellets and they have really made an impact on how I look and feel. The staff makes you feel comfortable and taken care of. I'll definitely be continuing my therapy here.

Wellness by Design Patient

My wife and I are glad we found Wellness by Design together. We are getting healthier and have never been closer. Thank you for encouraging and supporting us!


Since starting the program, I have referred a close friend and sister for hormone inserts. All 3 of us have had profound results. How did we love without them!!!

Wellness by Design Patient

It was a real eye-opener when my husband told me he felt like he had lost his wife and partner. It was devastating, and I honestly didn't realize at the time, just how badly I needed my hormones back! Thank you for the hormone testing and for taking the time to explain it all to me. It saved my marriage.


We can’t say enough good things about our sex life now after my ‘Penis Enhancement Shot’!


The Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot has literally changed my life in so many ways. I’m especially so happy to be free of urinary incontinence.


I’m so happy with the outcome from the Ulthera treatments on my face. I honestly had not anticipated results this profoundly beautiful.


My prostate issues have completely resolved thanks to your Penile Rejuvenation Therapy. Thank you Wellness By Design.

Jill and Dr. Thomas

We recommend the Wellness By Design Sexual Rejuvenation Program wholeheartedly. Get your sex life back!


After having the Soundwave treatment, I feel like a new person


Going through Menopause is difficult enough, the Vaginal Rejuvenation shot at WBD helped tremendously with my dryness and arousal issues. Thank you WBD!

Joyce and Bill

Thank you WBD for reviving our marriage. Your Pellet Program, for hormone balance, has far exceeded our expectations.

Megan and Taylor

I truly enjoy WBD, the family atmosphere, beautiful décor and the staff is second to none! I can always depend on Dr. Connie and Randy to keep my husband and I abreast of all the latest developments in medicine. We have been amazed at the results of your versions of the “O” and “P” shots. We are both delighted and amazed to say the least!

Camille and Rodger

For two years, my husband and I have been enjoying the benefits of your hormone replacement therapy. We can’t wait for our appointment to get the Vaginal and Penile Enhancement shots. Friends we met at the clinic can’t say enough good things about these new therapies!


After celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, my wife and I had our hormone levels tested. Now we know why our union was collapsing! We now enjoy the same intimacy we shared when we first met. Thank you WBD!