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Men – “A Pause” About Hormones

August 19, 2019

Men – “A Pause” About Hormones

August 19, 2019

When we hear about hormone imbalance we tend to picture menopausal women suffering through hot flashes and mood swings. Although most women do experience hormonal imbalance, men can suffer from it as well. Though not as well known, male hormone imbalance can be just as difficult to deal with. In fact, Many men who struggle with hormonal imbalance are turning to bioidentical hormone replacement.

Bioidentical hormones are developed from naturally occurring sources and have an identical molecular structure to the hormones the body naturally produces. Replacing low hormone levels with an identical molecular match is a safer and more effective alternative to conventional synthetic hormones. For men, there are many symptoms that can be improved or even eliminated by using bioidentical hormone replacement.

Heart disease and type 2 diabetes are two of the top causes of death in the United States. While there are many possible causes for both of these, low testosterone could be to blame. Bioidentical hormone replacement can help.

Depressed? Irritable? Unable to focus? All of these are symptoms of male hormonal imbalance. Bioidentical hormone replacement can balance levels which will improve mood and mental clarity.

One of the most common fears men face as they age is being forced to deal with erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. These issues can lead to less frequent sexual encounters and can put strain on relationships. Sometimes these issues are due to a decrease in hormones. Bioidentical hormone replacement may be able to help patients regain or maintain a healthy, active sex life.

Low testosterone, as well as other male hormonal imbalances, can be treated to improve quality of life for patients. For more information about bioidentical hormone replacement for men visit https://wellnessbydesign.center/.






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